Tsipras Must Resign Immediately

Tsipras this morning in Athens...another flip-flop

After today's capitulation, Alex Tsipras must resign immediately. We've all been watching this drama for many months now. One day Tsipras says one thing, the next, the absolute opposite. Regardless of whether it's a case of bribery or blackmail - J. Edgar style, whether he's insane or incompetent, this is the final straw.

i hope and suspect that SYRIZA is meeting right now and voting to demand his resignation as leader. If not, the Greek Parliament must, by the end of the day today demand a non-confidence vote.

"Greeks know what Tsipras urged they oppose he largely supports – likely heading toward full capitulation given the largely negative response he’s gotten so far and how easily he shifts from one position to another. He was elected on a pledge to end austerity. Instead he increased it harshly and supports tougher measures.
He wants to avoid snap elections in case Greeks vote yes on Sunday to accept Troika terms. Given his public betrayal, SYRIZA would likely lose and he’d be out of a job. He wants to remain prime minister no matter the cost to his own people." - Global Research 

Sunday's referendum, which was always somewhere between symbolic at best and meaningless, must be canceled. As the Guardian says: "The jargon-heavy question inviting Greeks to decide whether to support texts on “reforms for the completion of the current programme and beyond” and the “preliminary debt sustainability analysis for Greece” has been widely criticised. Speculation mounted that the Tsipras government would be forced to call off the referendum."

The international narrative among progressive voices is: Tsipras' surrenders, saying, "Since becoming Greek Prime Minister in January, Tsipras proved he’s like all the rest – promising one thing, doing another."

From the Bankers and Billionaires Club: 'Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, out of his depth?'

Is this the face of insanity?

IMO, it's most likely that Tsipras has had some sort of mental breakdown. It's all so sad. No matter which side you're on though, this morning's capitulation isn't just another twist in some game. Tsipras must resign immediately.