New UN Report Echos the Themes of Wanting and Consuming Less, Living Simply and Another Way of Being

When the tumbleweeds roll un-impeded trough the mall's parking lots the environment will have a chance of recovering

An excellent article that i highly recommend everyone reading arrived in my Inbox this morning titled: 'New UN report finds almost no industry profitable if environmental costs were included'. It's not overly long and contains a few very clear graphics showing the reasoning behind the UN researcher's conclusions.

It's an excellent article except that the solutions offered are all top down when, in reality, every exchange is driven by bottom up demand. Capitalism is an externalizing machine as Joel Bakan's movie and book - 'The Corporation' - teaches us.

The externalizing structure destroying the environment can not and will not change on its own because all of the incentives for people who see more short term money as wealth, instead of long term environmental quality, lie in avoiding costs.

The article asks: "Why should we expect companies to change if neither consumers or governments are forcing them?" Governments can't change the system because they are totally captured by it as is the mainstream media and advertisers.

Of course there could be a revolutionary political change that would dump capitalism or a collapse of either this economic travesty or the environment itself. All of these solutions would create devastating effects on not only the over-consumers but everyone else. BUT there is another way, a bottom up way, that's a revolutionary change of mindset among the consumer class - living simply.

IMO the only viable path forward is for humans to change from wants based consumers to needs based, empathetic, beings. Only by wanting less needless crap can the environment be saved and the quality of life be increased for all of us and our cousins - every living thing we share the planet with - now and in the future.


This topic echos the basic themes of wanting less, living simply, consuming less needless crap and the paths we all can follow to another way of being and living in the world that allows a viable eco-sphere for our kids, grandkids and the flora, fauna, microbes, minerals forces and faeries we share fair our lives with into the future. Below are a few examples from past Mud Reports, there are many more...please type a keywords into the Search Box to find more on any topic.

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