If Only Donald Trump Wasn't Such a Self-Centered, Prejudiced Asshole He'd Have Shaken the Elites

The thing is Donald had a few very good points that he could have used to his advantage in the presidential race but he couldn't get past his own massive ego or the fact that he'd have had to stick to a non-partisan, populist, logic to carry through with them.

For instance today, the day after the last debate, with just a few weeks to go before election day, Donald is being hung out to dry by almost everyone of every political stripe because of his 'rigged election' argument. Months ago, before i got sick and had to shut down The Mud Report for nearly 6 months, i predicted that Donald would start hollering that the election is rigged to defeat him and he is. BUT i figured he'd carry on with the righteous class war logic that had played so well in the primary season - that the villain was and is the elites. But he didn't and doesn't, instead of talking about the hacking vulnerability of the voting machines that 80% of the votes on Nov. 8th will be cast on. instead of quoting the programmers or telling the people to just do a Google Search of 'rigged voting machines' he rambles on about a few dead people voting, about watching the polling stations for folks that vote twice, about illegal aliens voting, basically about statistically insignificant crap.

Even if all of Donald's examples were to be real they would add up to a few hundred or a few thousand [at most] votes scattered though the millions that will be cast. It's ridiculous. Why he didn't use the valid rigged voting machine argument or recommend a well known and reliable journalistic source like Greg Palast who has built much of his career with his laser-like focus on how millions of minority voters have been disenfranchised? The only answer, other than that he and his team are just to ill-informed to know about all this, is that in each and every situation it's the Republicans doing, or attempting to do, the rigging and Trump didn't want to alienate any more of them than he already had.

Trump was in an excellent position to split off many of Bernie Sanders young voters with anti free trade positions that were nearly identical to Bernie's, an issue so large and so important that Trump could have and should have featured it in every ad and speech he gave, an issue that could have broken the death grip of the corporate and banking elites on the political and economic structure of the US, but Donald let it slip by. Why? Was it because he and his Republican Party are the elites? Well so are the Democrats and Hillary managed to side-step her obvious connections to them.

It's the same with issue after issue, Donald refused to take the populist position and his support never grew past those who supported him in the primaries. The Democratic gatekeepers used the superdelegates they'd built into their nomination system to keep an outsider like Bernie Sanders from winning. The Republicans tried to stop Trump but had no real bulwark to stop him so he got the nomination mostly by fluke. There were so many candidates that Trump won state after state with a small minority. Finally Trump was unstoppable even though the Republican brass tried to stop him.

The thing that sunk Trump wasn't his predatory behaviour toward women - as disgusting as it is, it wasn't his prejudice against Muslims or Mexicans - as stupid as that is, it wasn't his absolute ignorance on world affairs - as glaringly obvious as that is, the problem turned out to be that Trump is such a crude, self-centered asshole that he's now going to go down in a historic shit-kicking that will, i predict, take down the Republican underticket nominees not just federally, where they'll lose both the Senate and House but in state governments too. Trump's stupidity or narcissism or ? could create the kind of explosion in Washington that i'd hoped for months ago even though he loses.