Salmon Feedlots Breed Winners and Losers

"Loosing a virus as lethal and contagious as ISA into the North Pacific is a cataclysmic biological threat to life. The European strain of ISA virus can only have come from the Atlantic salmon farms. European strain ISA infected Chile via Atlantic salmon eggs in 2007.” - Alexandra Morton

There is no treatment for the deadly ISA virus. ISA has erupted in every country that farms salmon. Recently ISA destroyed Chile's once thriving wild salmon industry. Why would anyone think BC would be different? The answer, as usual, the 1% solution. Let's follow the money.

Bureaucrats are people too. They have mortages to pay, children to raise, career futures to be worried about. Fisheries bureaucrats know full well what the politicians they report to want to hear. The politicians want reports that conform to the needs of the big contributors to their party. These big contributors, be they Norwegian feedlot owners or whoever, almost never have much of their own money at risk in their speculative ventures. They go to the bank with their business plan for financing. If the bank figures that there's enough money to be made for their shareholders the loans roll out, the equipment is bought and the rich get richer.

For sure a small percentage of a bank's shareholders are little guys and/or their pension funds but the vast majority of every bank's 'profits' flow to the1% now so widely condemned by the #Occupy movement. The fish farming industry is no different from any other. In order to siphon enough money out of our collective pockets and keeping the flow going a wise capitialist knows that it's foolish to grease the palms of only one side in any political jurisdiction, so 'big or small, grease 'em all' is the capitialist slogan.

Salmon feedlots kill wild salmon. For years British Columbians have tried to persuade this Norwegian industry to respect our wild fish, even offering to fund their transition to closed tanks, but they just keep expanding. Salmon feedlots must GET OUT of our ocean.-Salmon Are Sacred

Baksheesh-mordida-bribery-etc., many names but the end product is one in the same, the1% rules-the 99% drools.

BC's Salmon Feedlots Need To Be Closed
Thanks to Alaskans for fighting against factory fish farming. Alaska is the last bastion of healthy wild salmon runs, but the forces against nature are closing in on all sides.

ISA virus is serious, so what's B.C. doing about it?
Salmon farms and wild fish are separated only by a net, many have noted. The crowded conditions of salmon farms are thought to abet the spread of the virus.