Cubans Need Pharmaceuticals Not Trojan Horses Filled With Bankers, Spies and Assassins

Cubans celebrate the release of the "Cuban Five" in Havana

The 'history making' US/Cuba prisoner swap yesterday came complete with speeches by.both Presidents saying that the counties will restore full diplomatic relations for the first time in more than 50 years, including re-opening of the American embassy in Havana which has been shuttered for nearly half a century. YIKES! Surely the Castros, and all Cubans, know that the US will open the Embassy and fill it with spies and assassins.

Is this historic making? Highly unlikely. The Amereican's goal here is to crack another nut for US Corporate interests, especially financial ones. Obama said so when he announced "easing restrictions on banking" which on Main St. means he's unleashing the banks on Cuba. Cuba scares the Bankers and Billionaires Club because Cuba is close to all the BRICS nations.and de-linked from the vampires at the IMF/World Bank.

The Castros and Cubans aren't dumb, if i see this they certainly do. The Yanquis bankers know BRICS is going to lend Cuba the money for projects without the IMF's conditionality noose attached. This transparent 'offer' by Obama is part of the US's rightful fear of the collapse of their petrodollar. The Mud Report predicts that Cuba will announce new development loans from BRICS after they get done laughing over their Mojitos and Cigars.

Another buncha propaganda from Obama was about how  "Cuba will allow its citizens increased access to the internet." In the US's twisted view: the US will even generously finance the technology the Cubans will need to best assure the NSA/CIA spooks in spying on the Cubans as they do already on the rest of us. The US has long sought this as a means of increasing pressure within Cuba  for [US style] democratic reform. Haven't seen the Cubans leaping on this 'offer' either.

The Cubans need access to pharmaceuticals not Shock Doctrine conditionality loans. The Cubans have gotten their 'Cuban 5' back, that was their objective. Cuba has NO need of entanglement with torturers, liars or colonizers...bankers, spies or assassins. Cuba will see this for what it is, a Trojan Horse.