Culture Jammers at Adbusters Call for a Worldwide Spring Uprising Starting May 1st

Adbusters is again leading the organizing charge into the 99% Spring offensive. Just as when last year Kalle Lasn, Adbusters' editor, called for an occupation of Wall St. on Sept.17th that led to a  movement that changed the political discourse and installed the 99% meme into the paradigm of people worldwide, he and friends at Culture Jammers HQ, who act 'for the wild', are calling for a Spring offensive and a climactic May uprising. Saying, " it's time to come out of winter hibernation and play jazz like we’ve never played it before."It's time to play wild, spontaneous jazz as Miles Davis intended."

The Culture Jammers say in their Tactical Briefing #28 that, "May 1 we leap into the new world with a mighty multinational General Strike. Wherever you are, No Work; No School; No Shopping. No illusions. No apologies. No business as usual. Into The Streets!" The Occupy movement says, "May Day is a holiday for the 99%. It is a day for people to come together, across all those lines which too often divide us — race, class, gender, religion — and challenge the systems that create these divisions."

The 99% Spring uprising is already underway in NYC where last week OWS chained open subway entrances and posted official looking notices inviting the public to ride for free. Their innovative action caused an immediate sensation in the Occupy movement suggesting that similar jams will be carried out worldwide in May. This is perhaps the first time that the fare strike tactic has been successfully deployed in America and it is a sign that the 'I Don’t Pay' movement which has been flourishing in Europe is finally leaping to North America. In Greece, jammers routinely occupy toll booths and public transportation entrances allowing everyone to pass for free.

The Occupy movement is diversifying, changing its tactics and strategies but not its goals. Occupy realizes and manifests the reality that when we the people, the 99%, come together worldwide, we recognize the common struggles we face and the common interests we have. With this collective power we can begin to build the world we want to see. Another world is possible!