On Boxing Day Aussies go to Bondi-Canadians go to the Mall

Living in Canada i hear anthem of 'Boxing Day Sales'. Every year i see millions of Canadians on TV lined up outside the stores in the freezing cold for another fix. The shopaholics, i guess, are so juiced up from their unbridled frenzy that they can't come down cold turkey, they need a little 'hair of the dog', crack addict like they lineup outside the dealer's house.

The conspicous consumption season makes me ashamed and guilty. Ashamed to be a part of this culture of consumption. Guilty because the vast majority of my fellow human beings can barely feed their families yet, zombie like, we the privlidged gorge on what should be everyone's lunch.

Aussie's have a different tradition, they go to the beach. Bondi Beach is the most famous at this time of year. Thousands are there to see and be seen. Aussies are different from Canadians in lottsa ways, bigger shrimp, bigger beer cans, better weather and more sharks being a few. Everyone i've known who's gone there has loved it, the younger the better. Austrailians love to party, Canadians love hockey.

So today, i'll pass on the 'deals', i'll wish the weather was beachy and i'll root for our Canadian kids to beat their Russian counterparts in today's tournament opener for both teams. The World Junior Hockey Championships starts every year on Boxing Day, it's the best hockey all year long. The whole country unites behind our young heroes. If you can't be at Bondi and more consumption isn't your thing, check out TSN [up here in Canuckistan]. Gametime is 1PM pacific, a half hour from now, plenty of time to roll a big fatty and get ready to rumble.