Dealing With The Christmas Blues

Googled Christmas depression this morning, got 80,800,000 results. Guess i'm not as alone as i feel. Christmas is a wonderfully exciting time of year for most people, yet it is the most likely time of year to experience depression. The suicide rate is twice as high in December. What are these holiday blues?

Almost all of the articles written by mental health professionals list the symptoms as sadness, pressure, loneliness, guilt, depression, anger, frustration and bitterness. Almost all say that seasonal affective disorder [SAD] plays a big part in it. Most go on to list financial pressures and keeping up with the Joneses next. They suggest turning up the lights in your home as a remedy.

SAD sufferers might well jolly up a bit by turning up the lights, but not moi. i used to go stand in the halide lights in my basement each day as Dec. 25th approached but the intense light made no difference though smoking the dried flowers growing there did. i'm feeling quite down today [guess that's why i started this exercise]. Another recipe the pros recommend for dealing with the Christmas Blues is to reach out and call someone, not to bum them out but to try to communicate with someone outside the 'blue room'.

i will call my daughter, i will-as soon as this is published-roll and partake in a big fat joint, i will go for a long walk in the park with my best friend Pancho. Don't know what i'd do without my best friend especially on mornings like this with the rain pouring down and the wind blowing it sideways. Everyday Pancho greets me with kisses and wags. We live our little lives together, she gives me her unconditional love and i do my best to return it in kind. This morning as i sat petting her and getting kisses i told her that all this is temporary, that this too shall pass.