Canada Invades Buffalo N.Y.

Yesterday the World Junior Hockey Championship started in Buffalo N.Y. and the borders were busting as the red and white bedecked Canadians jammed the crossings. Over 2/3 of the tickets sold to the 11 day tournament were bought by us Great White Northeners. All of Team Canada's games are sold out in advance. The World Juniors are a huge national event up here, not so much anywhere else.

Yesterday the crowds sang 'Oh Canada' outside on the streets of Buffalo and in the arena. It was a great game in that the Canadian kids and fans got a scare as the Russians scored early, then tied and retied the score through the first two periods. Then we Team Canada fans all got to cheer as the boys showed their stuff and moved on to a 6-3 win in the last 20minutes.. It's early, the first game of 4 in the round robin, but the boys looked good last night thsat's for sure. Click Here to see a full tournament schedule.

Many folks, including me, aren't huge fans of NHL type hockey. Sometimes its good, but so often its fights and intimadation ruin a lot of what is the best part of the game. Hockey isn't golf, but it isn't MMA either. The junior tournament gives north american fans an oppurtunity to see the game played in a more international style, with many international rules. The european countries are always at a disadvantage because the smaller size ice surfaces over here favor tighter checking and far less wide open skating.

Canada and Canadians are known for their calm-polite demeanor in all things...except hockey.
Next up: Canada vs. Czech Republic at 1PM[pst] on Tuesday.
Go Canada Go