Zombie Walk and Whirl-Mart = Black Friday Theatre

Whirl-Mart is a 'mall theater' event where a group of supposed shoppers slowly push empty shopping carts silently through store aisles. Participants will not buy anything and form a lengthy chain of non-shoppers, continually weaving and "whirling" through a maze of store aisles.Whirl-Marters seek to mimic and mock what they perceive as the absurdity of the shopping process.

The Zombie Walk is big too. In this ritual the cheerful dead wander around malls marveling at the blank, comatose expressions on shoppers' faces. The zombies are happy to be among their own kind, but slightly contemptuous of those who have not yet begun to rot. There are over 500 organized theatre performances registered at Adbusters. Check it out, there are meetups and small theatre actions you could join and support. Why no give it a Whirl?

It's Black Friday and millions of my fellow humans are storming the malls [evolution eh?]. It's also Buy Nothing Day and we're well into The Carnivalesque Rebellion where Adbusters' culture jammers of all kinds – from artists to churchgoers, anarchists to carpenters – will disregard the illegitimate laws of consumer society [hopefully]. The Carnivalesque Rebellion is, above all else, a chance to rise above cynicism, skepticism, and ironic detachment. It is an invitation to don the prankster’s mask, to regain the sense of magical possibility, and to finally start living.

Canuckistan saves it's grossest consumption for Boxing day, interestingly malls on both sides of the border now promote both Boxing Day and Black Friday sales. Ain't it grand? On the other hand a Google Search of Buy Nothing Day in the news shows thousands of people in hundreds of communities are out whirling through the isles, that zombies are wandering among the dazed shoppers happy to be among their own kind, both groups are urging us all to simply want less.

"The success of our insurrection will not depend on quantity of the crowd nor extent of the media coverage. In some cities the rebellion may be invisible and in others its impact downplayed. None of that matters. The Carnivalesque Rebellion will be victorious when we stop waiting for the majority, the mainstream, or the consumer class to give us permission to rebel. The revolution against consumerism will come when we trust our intuition and find within ourselves the permission to act." - Adbusters

Sacrificing civility to the Dollar Almighty - Today plenty of Americans will fall in with their comrades and try to massacre their Christmas lists. On the other hand, they might simply surrender. After all, Black Friday also happens to be Buy Nothing Day.