Canada's Team, Roughrider Nation, Rolls Into Edmonton Looking For The Cup

Edmonton's downtown is unseasonably green these last few days, today, with just one day before the big game, the party will be bigger than ever. The Saskatchewan Roughriders have become Canada's Team in that they are every one's second choice [after their local favorite]. They have the smallest population base and the greatest fans.

After last year's embarrassing loss to Montreal, Roughrider fans are looking extra green this year [perhaps from holding their breath until the last whistle]. There are some Montreal fans among the crowds, they kinda stand out in the sea of green surrounding them. Montreal is probably the bookies favorite by a couple points, but here in BC, and the rest of the west, it's Roughrider Nation at least 'til Monday.

Keep your beer cold and your chips dry it could be a barn burner. Out west here fans will tell ya that the he Roughriders big-play potential on offence will be the difference. Al's fans snicker and ask if Saskatchewan's found anyone who can count to 13 yet.

Canada has a few moments every year where this vast country, coast to coast to coast, 51/2 time zones, come together, tomorrow is one of them. Canada's culture rides on the shoulders of its sports heroes, none broader than the Roughriders. i'm bettin Saskatchewan will finish its centennial season with a Grey Cup championship.