Vote Together Picks Rachel Blaney [NDP] as Best Choice to Beat Cons. in N. Island-Powell River

Late yesterday afternoon the Leadnow community recommended Rachel Blaney of the NDP as the best candidate to defeat the Conservatives in the North Island-Powell River riding. Rachel and the NDP have held their steady with about 42% of the vote during the entire election campaign with the Cons vote now dropping slowly while the both the Liberal and Greens are picking up points at the same pace the Cons are dropping in the riding.

Leadnow and it's Vote Together movement have also released their picks as the best choice to rally around for strategic voters in 15 other ridings. They've chosen to release this first batch of recommendations because they believe these 16 are the easiest for them to call based on their polling in the ridings.

To learn more about Rachel's bio click here. to learn more about her or follow her on Facebook click here.

Leadnow has undertaken this project because, like millions of other Canadians, they believe that stopping the Harper-Cons is the #1 priority for Canada in the Oct 19th election, but that because of the undemocratic voting system [FPTP], the fact that Harper's govt. has ruled as virtual dictators under the system despite winning only 39.6% of the vote in 2011and the refusal of the opposition parties to co-operate, they [and i] see no better solution than to form a coalition of citizens to do the job of stopping Harper.

Strategic Voting isn't new and much has been written about it. As Dr. Ali Kashani, who has also released his list of low hanging fruit for startegic voters to consider says,  "Strategic voting is a politically aware populace's solution to systematic electoral defects." Kashani is among the many millions of Canadians who support strategic voting [SV] but are lacking in enough local riding data to be sure of their vote, he, like Leadnow. is trying to help.

Strategic voting can make the difference 8 short days from now in the many close swing ridings [75 according to Leadnow] that have in the past elected Conservatives because of the vote splitting situation.

On the Canada wide horse race front the Liberals are holding on to first place in the latest Nanos tracking poll, taking a steady lead over the Conservatives with eight days to go in the election. According to most riding projections the Liberals aren't on top in the seat count quite yet, but clearly they are on the move upward.

Up until about 10 days ago all the polls were calling the race a dead heat but something happened in the first week of October. It's difficult to say what it was, but the Liberals have been increasing in the polls rapidly and are now challenging the Conservatives even in terms of seats. Of course this makes no difference strategic voting wise in North Island-Powell River as the Liberals here are far behind Rachel and the NDP and we vote in 338 seperate riding elections.