Trudeau's Liberals Widen Their Lead and Their Newest Ad is the Best Ad of the Campaign

In every close election there's a deflection point where the undecideds decide. Somewhere around Sept. 26th that happened. It's apparent from the Nanos nightly tracking polls, but it's also apparent from the venom now spewing from NDP partisans who were all in favor of convincing the 'spolier' candidates to fall on their swords for the greater good until they realized they themselves will be the spoilers in many ridings if the Harper-Cons somehow pull out either a minority or majority type of victory on Oct. 19th.

The Liberals are far from perfect, neither are many of Trudeau's positions. His support of C-51 being the worst of them IMO. Nonetheless, if the best possible outcome for the Harper-Cons is/was that the 3 way horse race stayed even so they could split as many riding as always. So it looks to me like the inceasingly desperate NDP stalwarts will be joined by the Cons in venomous attacks against Trudeau. Trudeau will, i suspect and hope, stick to the type of message in this ad and the tenor of the broader speech the best bits are taken from. 

The Liberals new ad, especially Trudeau's line "it depends on you" with the hand gesture will go down as just as big as Trudeau's win in the boxing match in getting him elected. Notice the colors, it's definitely film not digital, great color, great timing throughout. This ad will be everywhere here in Canada this week, Trudeau will win at least a minority IMO.