Vote Together and Kashani's Riding Information Could Be Critical For SV to be Successful in Canada

Today's Nanos National Poll 

This morning's Tyee article by a robotics and computer visioning expert, Ali Kashani, has identified 16 ridings he says hold the key to which party, the Conservatives or the Liberals, will win a minority government on Oct. 19. "By latest projections, the Conservatives will win over half of their seats (65 of them) thanks to 'vote splitting,'"

Dr. Ali Kashani, CEO of Sepio, says his Tory-defeating approach "only requires the cooperation of one-fifth of one per cent of voters". He notes his approach "only requires the cooperation of one-fifth of one per cent of voters (0.18 per cent), and every strategic vote for one party is offset by a vote for the other, thus not changing the overall popular vote outcome. With limited resources for grassroots organization, focusing on a small set of ridings where voters face the least amount of emotional resistance is the most effective way to make strategic voting work in Canada."

Kashani is among the many millions of Canadians who support strategic voting [SV] but are lacking in enough local riding data to be sure of their vote. Kashini's local information on the 16 ridings he's focused on gives everyone who lives in those 16 ridings important information that will help them.

As well in the next few days Vote Together will be releasing it's most recent local polling results. Each covers different ridings, but each's recommendations will hopefully be a rallying point for strategic voters in the swing ridings.

Kashani says: "Strategic voting is a politically aware populace's solution to systematic electoral defects." He acknowledges in many ridings the races are too close to be able to reliably make a strategic choice, but says the 16 ridings he has identified don't apply because the gap between the second place candidate and the Conservative leader is tight, and the third place candidate clearly is not "within striking distance."

By Prof. John McMurtry's stinging article at Global Research is well worth reading. In it he creatively lists many of Harper sins against freedom in Canada as does Shane Koyczan with his neat poem.rap 'The Cut' below.

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