To Bad Tom Mulcair Can't Speak Out Against Free Trade and the TPP Like Bernie Sanders Can

Once upon a time Canada had politicians who sounded like Bernie Sanders, Jack Layton did, but that was before Tom Mulcair took charge. Historically the NDP was THE anti-free trade party since its inception. But Tom, in his desire for actual power, tried to shake off the anti-trade label and adopted trade-friendly stances. 

Mulcair's NDP took on the fantasy of winning power and with it lost its will to advance big ideas. Lost the will even to hold on to long cherished ideas and ideals. So now none of the 3 big parties here in Canada, or their 'whipped' individual members, will come out and say anything about the underlying reality...Except Bernie Sanders stateside. As you'll learn watching the video below, Bernie's facts and fundamental conclusions apply here in Canada too, but...

Watch Bernie Sanders SLAM TPP , and free trade with facts,facts facts!

Hillary, now that her once considered unstoppable coronation has been somewhat undermined by Bernie's progressive economic arguments, Hillary changed horses and switched to being a TPP opponent before having to face Bernie in their first one on one debate on Oct. 13th. My thanks go to Bernie for helping open the space for others to speak out.

Free trade is about corporations moving jobs to the lowest wage country possible in an effort to increase their criminal profits and the wealth of their shareholders. Free Trade, in any of it's modern guises, is a globe girdling, planet pulverising, paradigm. As Maude Barlow puts it, " I'm referring to those awkward facts about free trade, like that Canada lost 334,000 manufacturing jobs in the first five years after the Canada-U.S. deal was signed -- a decline that continued under NAFTA and continues to this day. Good paying full-time jobs are more often than not replaced by precarious part-time work, which contributes to Canada's stagnating middle-income wages over the past 20 years. It's a harsh reality of the free trade era that most of the new wealth created -- and free trade does create wealth -- went straight to the top, to the richest one per cent in Canada and globally."

Free trade isn't just words,  Tom forgot that  Free Trade is a weapon of the 1%, Fair Trade is a tool of the 99% That is, IMO, at the roots of the mistake Mulcair made by becoming a free trade supporter. Mulcair could have carried the conversation and maybe turned the election numbers his way by giving the type of speech above by Bernie Sanders. By taking the anti-TPP lead and offering Fair Trade as as much better alternative, Tom could have shown the intellectual and moral leadership Canada needs...but he hasn't...and as the goats would say...that's to baaaaaaaaaad.