Land Grabbing Corporations and Canadian Dairy Farming's Dangerous TPP Connections

The Toilet Paper Plan is another free trade scam brought to us by The Dictatorship Of The Corportariat, they are tyranny. Yesterday's peek at the pharma boondoggle shows how what's not talked about by, in our case Harper, but generally speaking, the captured governments promoting their benefactors interests. At the bottom you'll find a list of links to much more about how Free trade deals enable land grabbing...

Free trade deals drop tariffs the govt. touts, it opens 'markets', cash crop markets that is. After a free trade deal the land the peasants have lived sustainably on for generations becomes worth actual money especially after it gets 'consolidated'. So the bankers spread out like a virus explaining to the newly 'rich' peasants that the best and only way to compete is to borrow on their imaginary equity to buy a tractor for instance, maybe a free sample of GMO seeds and some of the chemicals they need to live.

Sure enough, sooner or later the tractor dies. It happens, for a big Agri-Biz outfit its no big deal, but for our indebted one tractor operation it means borrow more or lose everything. The debt noose. Soon the peasants are bankrupt and the higest bidder is some pack of scumbag investment fund vultures.

It's the road to the barrio, the road to starvation wages in some hell-hole job making crap that for the crapitalists to export now that there's no tariffs, eh. Even if a govt passes more just laws the foreign investors can challenge them through the secret tribunal process.

“Unlike agribusiness, peasants do not treat food as a commodity for speculation profiting out of hunger. They do not patent nature for profit, keeping it out of the hands of the common man and woman. They share their knowledge and seeds, so everyone can have food to eat.” - La Via Campesina

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