Young, Old, Female, Male, Red, White, Brown or Black - We Must All Be 'Idle No More'

Yesterday members of the Tla'Amin Nation and other Powell River area folks sang, danced and spoke, along millions of others around the globe of our love of Mother Earth, of our hopes and of our unity. As we stood in the sacred circle singing the Tla'Amin Prayer song and watching the eagle fly overhead  there was no division among the people. There were no young or old people, no female or male people, no red, white, brown or black people - we were one.

This is the way it must be if we are ever going to live in harmony with each other on this one small blue marble circling our star. Yesterday, we stood undivided and unconquerable breathing the same air, feeling the same cold. We must stay united and allow our undivided circle grow and encompass first all the nations and all the peoples, then every living thing.

We must not allow ignorance and fear to divide us in the future as it has in the past. Prejudice and hatred are always rooted in ignorance and fear. Slowly, but steadily, we must dissolve those fears of the unknown, we must learn that we - the flora, fauna, minerals, microbes, forces and faeries - are all in this together. We must be, as is the ever growing circle, undivided. We must be unified in our efforts to overcome those forces of ignorance and fear that seek to divide us into separate categories.

We must all be Idle No More.