Doubting That CSIS or the RCMP Would Use Infiltration and Provocateurs Against INM is Naive

The corporate-state can never allow real dissent lest it open the eyes of the manipulated masses. Last year it was the Occupy movement's leaderless, powerless, tent living few whowith their 99% vs.1% meme so scared the powerful oligarchs that they resorted to an over the top illegal and immoral crackdown. As Naomi Wolf outlined in her Guardian article, 'How the FBI Coordinated the Crackdown on Occupy' the elites had no trouble enlisting their bought and paid for politicians into using the FBI and other national and local 'security' to coordinate the repression of those who would dare to oppose them.

This year it's Idle No More - another leaderless, nearly powerless and definitely poverty ridden grassroots movement - that's challenging the corporatocracy. The reactionary response by Canada's right-wing government shows, IMO, that the Canadian security cabal is probably already fully engaged in coordinating the undermining of it as well.

The media in Canada is already using the fog of repetition to re-define civil disobedience as violence.  Despite the history of the civil rights movement, the women's rights movement, the labor movement, the anti-war movements and many others the reactionary response is consistent everywhere. First, re-frame non-violent civil disobedience as being a violent or thinly disguised threat of violence. Next, enroll the tools of state repression - propaganda and fear among them - to divide their most outspoken critics from the generally ill-informed public. Then infiltrate the protesters so that their provocateurs can either incite the protesters to commit a violent act or, like the Black Block, just do it themselves, and thereby discredit the group. Finally, the oligarchs will claim they are under attack and sweep in with the full force of their 'security' goons.

This isn't a new development in the annuls of class warfare, it's the way the powerful control their opponents. The Idle No More movement would do well to heed the quiet, powerful words of Nuu-chah-nulth matriarch Lillian Rose Howard [picture above] who has been in the forefront of virtually every key indigenous battle in the last 40 years. Howard advises that "people must be prepared for the police to break their word and for violence -- that's why our conduct in protests and acts of civil disobedience must be above reproach." Howard also advises activists drawing on her 40 years' experience: "Accept that you will be targeted. You're planning and organizing and upsetting the establishment. They will target you and come after you. Don't be intimidated or scared, because we are all fighting for each other."

Here in Canada CSIS and the RCMP, just like in those same forces in the US, Britain, Germany, Russia, China, India, Israel and elsewhere, have shown no hesitation in using infiltration and entrapment against their critics in the past, doubting they're already using it now would be naive.