Backgrounder on Today's INM 'Global Day of Action' In Response Harper's Dictatorial Style

At the beginning and the end of this historic day, this Global Day of Action, the goal will remain the same - STOP HARPER.

The Idle No More movement has gained momentum so quickly in Canada and around the world because so many folks have access to the Internet and have read, studied and concluded for themselves that the Harper government's dictatorial style must be stopped.

Why? One reason is Harper's total disregard for the Canadian courts. For instance, last year a shudder ran down the spines of many as Harper's government thumbed its nose at the court when it ruled that the Canadian Wheat Board wasn't being accorded its rights. Yesterday the Federal court ruled that the Conservative government's response to the crisis in Attawapiskat were unreasonable and failed to look at any remedy other than the appointment of a Third Party Manager. Continuing on to say that the government was wrong in its response to the crisis in Attawapiskat and its ongoing attempt to divide Canadians with misleading information is shameful. Another article outlining the details of Attawapiskat budget showed where the money was spent and how the Conservatives spun the facts to hoodwink Canadians.

The Harper government bills that sparked Idle No More are well outlined and documented. Harper uses the costs of a court battle against the poor, especially First Nations, in his divide and conquer strategy. Fortunately two bands in Alberta do have the funds to fight the changes in the courts to the Fisheries Act, Environmental Protection Act and the Navigable Waters Protection Act contained in Bill C-38 and Bill C-45 that infringe on treaty rights by affecting the fishing and hunting rights and make changes that will make it easier to lease out land for economic development without adequately consulting band residents. The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled numerous times that the government must consult with aboriginal groups when legislation may affect treaty rights.

Why? Why would Harper and his cronies do it? This week Greenpeace uncovered, through a Freedom of Information Request, documented evidence of why when they got access to a letter written by the energy industry to the Conservatives showing clearly that what the oil industry wants, the Harper government gives. The letter proves that Harper and his government are stooges of their energy industry backers.

Today's article by Ken Georgetti and Maude Barlow at Rabble.ca does an excellent job of explaining  Idle No More has resonated with Canadians emotionally as well as intellectually. Today is a historic day in Canada. Thousands will rally at hundreds of places across Canada, the assembled chiefs will stand up to Harper's attempts to dictate the agenda of their 'meeting'. But in the end, as it was at the beginning of this historic Global Day of Action, the goal will remain the same - STOP HARPER.