Fear Mongering by the Wizards of Finance Fan the Flames of Austerity

What makes people vote against the best interests of their community like the Irish did yesterday? Fear. Fear of losing what little they have. Fear of the unknown. It's fear plain and simple. Fear, who's divisive flames are being fanned by the financial plutocrats through their corporate media mouthpieces. Just like in L. Frank Baum's 1900 classic 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' the many are easily controlled by the few through their irrational fears.

All across Europe, all around the world, the austerity doctrine, so perfectly exposed by Paul Krugman in his NYT article 'The Austerity Agenda' today, is being trumpeted by the banksters and right-wing fanatics exactly as Naomi Klein explained in her seminal book 'The Shock Doctrine' to manipulate the fearful many into giving up the public services and common assets their ancestors worked and fought to build through the generations.

One big difference between the fearful sheeple living today and their ancestors is that the modern type have been conditioned to believe they exist separately from environment, their surroundings, separately from their fellow humans. To believe that by some occult force they as individuals and their kin group are exceptional and that they can, and will, be able to keep hold of their meager means while the others around them sink into poverty. Humans have bought into the materialist illusion hook, line and sinker and now fear the loss of their private possessions as much or more than they fear the angel of death itself.

The official program of the ascendant Greek left party, Syriza, came out today. It's moving to read an actual list of demands that center on social justice as well as how progressive and truly radical it seems in this dark age of inequity. Perhaps the Greeks will rise up on June 17th and overthrow the fear propaganda they are being bombarded by these days. Or perhaps the Spanish who's runs on the bank continue everyday, or the Italians, or the Portuguese, or the casserole banging Canadians or ? will topple the dark lords of the elites. It may be none of them will succeed, but someday soon some group will pull back the curtain and expose the fear mongering wizards of finance for the frauds they are..