May 30th was the First Casserole Night in Powell River But Not the Last

Clanging and banging we kids of all ages marched and hooted our way up and down Donkersly Rd. last evening. It was rainy, it was fun. Our numbers were small but our joy was large like the Big Dipper casserole in the sky. This is just the beginning of something in Canada, something big, something that they are calling a "Rêve Générale"....stay tuned for more!

From coast to coast to coast in Canada, the US and around the globe groups of folks from all walks of life turned out to join in this huge 'flash mob' type solidarity protest that was organized on facebook in just 72 hours. Check out the site today and see the pictures  read through the texts, it's truly inspiring. As the site points out, it's only the beginning.

The concept of Casserole Nights has caught the imagination of folks and will continue to spread like wildfire in the upcoming weeks. Perhaps the new name of "Occupy" will become "Casserole" as more and more people from all walks of life decide to pick up their "percussion crockery" and take it to the streets.

A video [below], shot last week on May 24th, 2012, the first night of "Casserole" may have been one of the reasons this phenomenon has captured the hearts of Canadians and indeed people worldwide, as the romantically evocative black and white video went viral immediately.

Casseroles - Montréal, 24 Mai 2012 by Jeremie Battaglia