Join 'Casseroles Across Canada' Tonight in a Great Clanging from Coast to Coast to Coast

Tonight, May 30th 2012, people will be gathering to celebrate and defend the determined student and people's movement in Quebec. It's a night of cross-Canada Casseroles, inspired by the spirited pots and pans protests of the past week in Quebec.This is a remarkable and nearly totally spontaneous coming together; the idea of a coordinated 'Casseroles Night in Canada' was hatched barely 72 hours ago in some late night twitter banter.

Tonight, with a great clanging from coast to coast to coast, we will say clearly: an injury to one is an injury to all. Jean Charest's draconian Bill 78 will not stand. Maybe the biggest lesson Quebec is teaching the rest of us is that when faced with a dour, right-wing, repressive government, it is possible and necessary to fight back. And given what Harper has been getting away with, and what he has coming down the tar sands pipelines with the ominous omnibus Bill C-38, it's urgent that we in the rest of Canada learn and apply this lesson.

The clanging of pots and pans that give the 'Casseroles' their name are a tool of protest made famous in Latin America, particularly in Chile. Last year, Chile's massive student movement brought back the pots and pans protest in a big way; last week, Chilean students sent a message of solidarity to their counterparts in Quebec. Last week also the tide turned in the Quebec protests as folks of all ages and all walks of life realized what is really at stake in the streets of Quebec is the same as what's at stake everywhere.

So tonight i'll be out there, at 8PM local time, wooden spoon and stainless steel pot in hand. It doesn't matter what the weather report says where you are today, it's a beautiful day across Canada. Quebec has kicked off a rêve générale, these may be dark times in Canada, but I hear a lot of hope in the clanging.

Casseroles across Canada: Tonight we resist and dream togetherby Derrick O'Keffe