The Tyranny of the Majority in Greece and Elsewhere is Usually Driven by the Bourgeois Dream

By defination In a democracy the majority rules. That concept of a majority, 50% + 1, is being put to the test right now everywhere in the world whose government is called a democracy, no more so anywhere than in Greece right now where the pressure of propaganda by the financial wizards is obscuring the usual political division of left-right.

Greece, like the rest of the western world, is 'occupied' by a wide variety of people and, like most places, a few of those people control most of Greece's assets. Most of the time in most of the world that obvious division between the few and the many is obscured by the carrot held out in front of those who, though they have far less than the elites-have relatively more than the poorest, think that if they play by the rules they too will one day achieve material comfort akin to that of the elites and by the stick of fear that warns them that if they don't play by the rules they be thrown into the mud of poverty.

The carrot and stick method of control used on the middle class usually results in a class of politically timid conformists who are satisfied with dreams of becoming wealthy, who lives consumerist life styles characterised by conspicuous consumption and continual striving for prestige, the 'Bourgeois Dream'. But this method of control by the few is quickly breaking down in Greece and the rest of Southern Europe because the many are recognizing that their plight.

With no immediate/easy fix in sight, the majority are redefining where their allegiance belongs. Consequently the Greek leftist's coalition, Syriza, are leading in the polls and it looks like 'the time of the Left has come'. Syriza's leader Tsipras promised to boost the minimum wage, hike taxes on the rich and freeze a major privatization drive designed to raise $24.2 billion, a key condition of its bailout deal. He also pledged to "nationalize and socialize" Greek banks. Let's hope he has good security.