UN Veto by Russia and China is Hypocritically Lambasted by the US and its Supplicants

The lamestream media here in North America continues to parrot remarks by Hillary Clinton and others about the UN Security Council's vote on the Arab League's motion about Syria. Hillary called it "Disgusting," "Shameful," "Deplorable," "a Travesty," and it is. But is the Russian-Chinese veto any different than 241 vetoes since 1972 on resolutions that were not beneficial to the US's own foreign policy agenda?

The Americian and Canadian outrage over UN veto is simply 'the pot calling the kettle black'. The US and Canada have made their unconditional support for Israel heard loud and clear in every world forum and media message for decades. The UN is a useless debating club where the interests of the powerful countries and the lobby groups who pull their strings, like AIPAC who have control over most of the US government, hold sway.

Assad is a jerk and a brutal dictator, but he's been at it for decades and he sure wasn't being condemned when he was a useful tool of Bush and Obama's when they needed him as a destination for their 'rendition' and torture by proxy. the 'War on Terror' team has used, and continues to use, Gitmo, Baghram and CIA run black sites all over the globe. Assad could tell many ugly stories of the dirty work he and his father have done for the US and others for generations.

The Chinese massacre in Tiananmen Square in 1989 was exactly the same kind of brutal crackdown as we are seeing in Syria right now and the Chinese aren't about to vote for a resolution that could come back to haunt them whenever the next uprising comes along there, and it will. Syria is a big buyer of Russian arms plus the Russians don't want the UN telling them how any Chechens they can massacre. It's all such crap. Innocent people die so the rich and powerful can become richer and more powerful. The lamestream media is owned by that same rich and powerful corporate oligarcy. Never be fooled, that's the way it is until...

U.S. Vetoes of UN Resolutions Critical of Israel - List of the US vetoes since 1972 of evety important UN resolution critical of Israel from the Jewish Virtual Library