The Sagebrush Nation is Ron Paul Country

The Sagebrush Nation is as much a state of mind as a place of open spaces, suspicion of government regulation and a stronghold of mustangs. The far flung human residents of the Sagebrush Nation believe in exercising their civil liberties and aren’t shy about letting folks know it.

Today the American media's spotlight will shine on the caucuses in Nevada and by days end Moneybags Mitt will have bought himself another win. Most of the population of Nevada is concentrated in the two urban areas of Las Vagas and Reno who share little in body and less in spirit with the rest of the small towns and rural areas where it's hard to tell that anyone other than Ron Paul is in the race. His signs are everywhere in most of Nevada, where prostitution and gambling are legal and people feel what they do to themselves is their own business.

Having spent decades traversing the lonely highways and reveling in the silence of the basin and range country in this beautiful corner of creation today's focus on Nevada will be wonderful. If delegates were allocated by area instead of population, if jack rabbits, burros and rattlesnakes were allowed to vote Ron Paul would win the Republican nomination hands down.

From the Shoshone's wild horses near Owyhee to the pony express stop in Austin, from the truck stop in Tonopah to the cactuses surrounding Pahrump, from the alien's hideout in Rachel to stunning views around Ely, from the Joshua Trees of the Mojave to the Junipers on the snow covered mountains, The Sagebrush Nation is Ron Paul country and my kinda place.