Hopefully the Russian Minister is Secretly Telling Assad to Remember Bosnia

Yesterday Obama said in an interview that Assad is 'feeling the noose tighten' . Obama is well skilled in rhetoric and symantics, he chooses his words very carefully, perhaps it was just bluster-but it was chilling. Again, yesteday i saw a bit of video of Hillary Clinton speaking about Assad and Syria. In this case it wasn't her words but how it appeared she'd aged 20 years in the last week or so. Bubba Clinton had the same look just before he decieded to 'pacify' Bosnia.

The horrible slaughter in Syria resembles the situation in Bosnia, Homs and Sarajevo have a lot in common. In both cases a badly outgunned militia was under fire from far the superior government forces that surrounded them. In both cases the indiscriminate shelling and the snipers were then, and are now,  killing innocent civilians. If there's a difference it's the internet and social networking's ability to bypass the censorship of the regime and get the pictures of innocent bleeding children out now where that was nearly impossible in an earlier era.

The video last night and this morning out of Homs turns my stomach, and probably yours too. The term "Iiberal interventionists" is commonly used in a foreign policy context to describe self-identified liberals or progressives who support aggressive military operations when they deem the cause to be "just", "humanitarian", etc. When Obama, who undoubtedly loves his daughters as much as i love mine, saw the same footage, when Hillary, who also loves her daughter, saw the video, their stomachs turned too. Every parent everywhere saw their own innocent children lying bloody and broken on those makeshift cots.

As our stomachs were turning the American's aircraft carriers were too. The AWACs are circling high over Syria right now. Every artillery position is being mapped, the location of every Syrian plane is by now known. Just as Homs is surrounded so to is Syria surrounded by NATO and American military 'assets'. Obama, Hillary and whatever 'coalition of the willing' they can cobble together will wait until the Russian Minister leaves Syria and hopefully the Russian Minister is secretly telling Assad to remember Bosnia, to remember Sarajevo, to recognize that he's far from invulnerable and not far from the noose.