The Ron Paul Revolution a Wild Card in 2012

Check out the crowds, Ron Paul is drawing big huge crowds in Iowa. There's a lot of young people, Independents and Democrats in those crowds. Ron Paul is the wild card in 2012, even Ralph Nader says. “Libertarians like Ron Paul are on our side on civil liberties. They’re on our side against the military-industrial complex. They’re on our side against Wall Street. They’re on our side for investor rights. That’s a foundational convergence,” he exhorts. “It’s not just itty-bitty stuff.

Paul has a lotta momentum at just right time despite a huge smear campaign by the GOP brass and corporate money in the last few days. Tuesday's Iowa results will show why the fat cats are squirming. The Democratic Party brass can't figure out if the Ron Paul Revolution is a good thing for them or not. If Paul were to jump the Republican ship of fools and tools and run as a third party independent it could be nightfall for them all.

The mainstream media, while on the surface dismissing Paul's campaign, is a big reason for his success so far. Paul's radical positions require thoughtful debate to prove or disprove none of which fits well between commercials or lends itself to being easily dumbed down to a meaningless slogan.

After Iowa comes New Hampshire a week later. N.H. is an open primary where Paul's recent surge will gain strength. After that who knows, but maybe, just maybe, there'll be space for new ideas opened up by Paul's outspoken positions and the obvious need for dramatic change in America.