2012 World Junior Tournament Highlights Canadian Spirit

Canada is a huge place. So huge its 35 million people are divided into far-flung clusters both spacially and culturally. Highways, trains and planes connect places, hockey connects cultures. Everywhere, atlantic to pacific to arctic, gets 'Hockey Night in Canada'. Almost everybody has their favorite NHL team depending on where they live or grew up. But the World Juniors are different, everybody everywhere gets to cheer for the same team, and it's a mighty roar eh.

So far the Canadian kids have barely had any challenge but the atmosphere has been electric. From the moment the Canadian kids step onto the ice the building starts rocking, a huge Canadian flag is passed hand to hand by hundred of fansa in the stands around the arena, hockey not only is Canada's game its Canada's cultural spirit.

Tonight's game between Russia and the Czech Republic will determine who the Canadians play on tuesday in the semifinals. After last year's 3rd period implosion most Canadian fans are rooting for a rematch with the Russians, me too.