Evangelical Christians Convinced Mitt's Magic Underwear Makes Him a Hell Bound Heathen

Poor Mitt Romney can't seem to rise above the 25-30% ceiling in all the Republican polls. Seems at least half the GOP's followers are Evangelical Christians and the vast majority of them think Mormonism-Mitts chosen delusion-is just plain crazy. Evangelical Christians themselves have a close kinship with crazy so most likely are in the know about such things.

The topic of Mitt Romney’s magic underwear has taken off on the net, thousands of articles and videos debate the stains left on the American political discourse left behind by the various Christian Crazies. Reading up on the controversies surrounding Magic Underwear and the Rapture this morning have reassured me that people will believe anything, no matter how ridicoulous, if they can first be convinced that it's part of them escaping their mortal bonds.

Here we are, while choking on the pollution of our greedocracy and consuming its excesses, while millions deeply entrenched in poverty and starvation around the globe and others, like us in Canada, wallow in our waste, while vast sums are spent on armies to protect the riches of the bloated from the hands of the needy, my fellow Americans are debating the 'truths' as devined by the different bishops of bullshit.

Democracy, like a lotta philosophies, sounds good but only can work if practiced by a well informed and well intentioned populace. Instead we are governed by the same type of self-interested-lazy-fearful primates that we greet in the mirror each morning. Maybe Mitt's Magic Underwear will ride up to save us or maybe not. Either way as long as the many allow themselves to be divided, controlled and manipulated by their most basic fears they will be ruled by the few regardless of the magic in their underwear.