Why Ron Paul's Ground Game is Gaining Traction in the Iowa Mud

Ron Paul's leading in Iowa with one week to go both because his long time devoted supporters and a new younger disillusioned x-Obama anti-war group are knocking on every door in the state. He's poised to either win or place a strong second, either result is an embarrassment for the GOP's establishment who has rejected Paul because he sees the folly of foreign wars, because of his advocacy of a return to the gold standard, abolishing the Federal Reserve and cessation of aid to Israel.

Libertarian Ron Paul mocks the drug war, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and he rails against the assault on American civil liberties by a national security state contained in the Patriot Act. He wants to bring the troops home from all the far flung corners on the planet, he denounces empire, voted against all the Wall St. bailouts and he's been saying and doing the same thing for decades.

Ron Paul's supporters are an unlikely alliance if viewed from a left/right political perspective but from the circular spectrum view it's a natural fit. Paul supports some aspects of both OWS and the TEA Party, he has supporters in both their camps too. On many issues their camps are situated very close to the same stream.

Ron Paul winning the nomination is a real longshot and probably a good thing as some of his other stuff, like on abortion, is borderline crazy and definately scary. The huge value to Ron Paul's successful run is that his presence, his opinions, opens the ground for actual debate on some on the biggest underlying issues of our time. Because of Ron Paul there's space for debate about the cause of diseases like war, drugs and fear. Ron Paul has the GOP brass scared and if he were to win the nomination the chickenshits in charge of the liar Obama's team will see a lot of those same wide eyed kids that were knocking on doors for the O-Bomber 4 years ago now part of Paul's ground game.