Some TEA Party Slogans Melt Arbitrary Left-Right Divisions

The TEA Party slogan Don’t Mortgage the Future is an example of  how meaning, as well as beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Regardless of where on the continous-undivided circle of the political spectrum a person may think they sit, some ideas are shared by us all. The idea that You Can’t Spend Your Way Out of Debt is just common sense. Everyone agrees that borrowing trillions of dollars from China, or anywhere else, to bailout the bankers and pay interest on your debts is somewhere between idiotic and suicidial. Are the ideas reflected in the slogans:

  • Don’t Mortgage my Child’s Future
  • Don’t Mortgage my Grandchildren’s Future
  • Save the children – Stop spending their money
  • Bailouts + Debt = fiscal child abuse
  • Debt is the problem; how can it be the solution too?
  • Special Interests Get the Pork; We Get the Beans
  • Wall Street Got a Bailout; All I Got Was The Bill
left or right, conservative or liberal ideas? Both, of course. They're simple common sense, they cross all the arbitrary divisions in the political spectrum. So do the ones that intuitively grasp the essence of more esoteric concepts like 'quantitative easing', which simply means printing more currency to pay debts thereby lowering the value of every dollar already in circulation including those that people have sweated to earn and save. Are signs that say:

  • Print Me a Trillion While You’re At It
  • Save Trees; Stop Printing Money
Republican or Democratic signs? Neither, of course. The kids and grandkids of everyone will pay for this folly. We The People are all in this together. Ideas like:

  • If You’re Not OUTRAGED, You Aren’t Paying ATTENTION!
  • Don’t Bail Out The Boat: FIX THE LEAK
  • No Public Money for Private Failure
  • Silence IS Consent
simply reflect a growing concensus among everyday people everywhere, including Americans, that there are only 2 classes, the rich and the rest of us. Small 'l' liberals and 'c' conservatives are the same creature. They are the mushy minded who have slightly different ideas on some issues [other than their entitlement to a mortage and a burned out credit card], but lack the ideals that should underlie those ideas. Ideas are open to compromise, ideals will always evolve as new information modifies them, but they aren't open to compromise, that's why there's two different words. Democrats and Republicans are the same party and We The People are not invited.