The Mud Report Turns One

A year ago today i thought-hoped The Mud Report would be a multi-user forum where all the bright well spoken people i know, and all the people they know etc, would share their new ideas and their big solutions to the big, complex problems we all face. It turned out that from the first post onward it was my baby.

i wondered at times if i'd be able to find topics everyday that would fit into The Mud Report's 'leadership from the bottom' perspective. It turned out that everyday there were always to many ideas, almost everyday i'd write one piece and think 2-3 others. Today is no different.

Europe has got the austerity blues, yesterday's student riots in the UK were emblematic. All over the world times are tough, the rich have a stranglehold on the planets resources, the poor are uniting, uncertainty reigns. The Irish fellow in the video below clearly understands the reality we all must face together. "Resist much, obey little." -Walt Whitman