Let The Anonymous Speak

"The internet is capable of connecting us all. When we are connected we are strong. When we are strong we have power. When we have power we are able to do the impossible. This is why the government is moving on WikiLeaks. This is what they fear. They fear our power when we unite. Do not forget this. We are Everywhere. We are Everyone. We are Anonymous."

Hacktivists will continue to attack, rumor has it today is Amazon's turn. The hacktivists collectively overwhelm a website's server with requests. This 'denial of service' attack is an annoyance to financial places like Visa-MC-PatyPal who have their processes operating safely-securely far from their public website-homepage. In Amazon's case the 'Anonymous' attack could be more than annoyance. We'll see.

A main goal of 'Anonymous' is to draw attention to their cause. So far, so good. One message is that the internet is a tool, like any tool, it's magic is in the magician. Julian Assange believes WikiLeaks will change the world, could be right, but it could be cyberwarfare in the short run.

Meanwhile i don't think 'Anonymous' is into, or able to, cripple any body's bank accounts or intravenous credit cards. There's lottsa great reasons to live a cash life, if 'Anonymous' can also open more people's eyes that's great. Fear not, let the Anonymous speak.

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