Corky Evans - The Commons Is The Essential Prop Of Democracy

"Don't ever think that wealth ever comes from any place except labour and dirt."- Corky Evans

What the NDP here in BC needs is a leader with ideals, a leader who can reinvigorate the party with new ideas and a vision that connects with voters. The NDP must end their internal battles and rediscover their common cause. Today, after reading the Tyee's interview 'Corky Evans Unplugged', i think Corky Evans is that kinda person.

Below are links to a series of articles and interviews with Corky when he was in government. Each of them is right on. Corky Evans is the MLA who lost his teeth trying not to say the word "horseshit" in the legislature, when the word was already halfway out. Corky, a politician who always stood up and spoke up for the little guy, once said, "The commons is the essential prop of democracy, that without a sense of agrarian community, economic freedom is impossible and democracy is a lie. That's kind of the underpinning of my view."

Corky wears his heart on his sleeve, he offers big solutions to big problems:
"If you're asking about the large public policy questions, what it would take to make land-based resources sustainable and profitable, it would take breaking monopoly control of the beef industry, and the seed industry, and the logging business, and the fishing business."
"If you're asking what it would take to make things work, it would take breaking the monopolies, and it would take the public deciding that they want competition, free enterprise and creativity, and they don't want corporate control."


Corky Evans on Making the Woods Work
Markets are good, logging can be honourable, and the left must lay claim to the language of the right to achieve its goals.

'Dear Friends of Formosa Nursery'
An NDP MLA vents his frustration at those who would pave a blueberry farm.

The Emperor Has No Clothes
Podcast: 'Deconstructing Dinner' records Corky Evans on food politics in BC.