Canada's 'security'-trade plan with US and the great manipulator

Who's 'security' gets protected by higher fences, bigger guns, less privacy and more fear of the unknown? Not mine, not yours either i'd bet. As theUS Department of Homeland Security has already proven along their US-Mexican border 50ft high fences spawn 51ft ladders. Real security lies is having and being a good neighbor, invading, torturing and terrorizing civilians with deadly drone attacks isn't often viewed as neighborly. These pathetic attempts to mollify the population into returning to their zombie like march to the malls are in themselves are huge danger to real security.

Harmonizing, collaborating and information-sharing to promote a trade agenda with the fear spun Americans hasn't worked before, won't now either. Its deja-vu all over again, remember the Security and Prosperity Partnership? and how North Americans rejected it? Now a buncha lawyers who, like rust, never sleeps has cooked up a new plan that won't change anything along the 49th parallel, not one more truck will roll through, not one less car load of Canadians will be lined up to consume in the yankee malls It'll just be another layer in the US security onion delusion.

"From the Harper government's hastily passed Anti-Terrorism Act to the controversial 'no-fly' list, harmonization has violated civil liberties while not improving trade between Canada and the United States in the slightest." - Council of Canadians

The US bigshots want unfettered access to Canada's natural resources especially oil right now, but increasingly water as time goes on. These guys see Canada as a colony, an amusing, polite, bi-lingual colony. Amerikans see Canada as already under their security blanket, most Amereikans think the only reason we can afford such luxuries as health care is because they protect Canada and its precious resources from the bogeyman with its nukes.

Security comes from full stomachs, warm-dry homes, meaningful work, education for the kids and a few laughs with friends. For some the freedom to enjoy the comfort of their religion, for others a few beers on Saturday night...but real security never comes out of reacting to fear. We are fed lies to keep us divided, fear of the unknown is the great manipulator if we let it be. My homeland is secure, my best friend gaurds us against the coyotes and bears while i keep an eye peeled for religious fanatics and tax collectors.

Council of Canadians demands release of secret Canada-US perimeter security plan