Big Money Buys Big Influence Everywhere

It's mid-term election day in the US and the results will start rolling in a of couple hours. But before they do there's one issue that has dominated much of the discourse from all 'sides', the influence of big money. The Democrats want us all to focus on the big corporate money being donated by shadowy organizations to the Republicans. The Republicans favor focusing on how the Democrats are supported by similiar shadowy money from corporate interests, union interests, trial lawyers etc.

The fact is all 'sides' make backroom deals with big money. Big money, of all types, doesn't give away their financial support they use it as a lever to gain big influence with all sides thereby creating the situation where the real winner in any election is gonna be them not the citizens, not 'we the people', not the many but the few. For sure the Republicans and their rabble rousing Tea Party faction have recieved more big money in this election cycle than the Democrats, especially from the banks, because the banks figure they'll get slightly less regulatory control from a Republican dominated congress which would allow them to continue or accelerate pillaging the assets, both natural and fiscal, of the world with abandon.

Another fact, is the Democrats have, exactly like their predessors, shoveled trillions into the pockets of the already obscenely rich as payback for their backrooms deals. The Tea Party may well be full of populists but their buses [the Tea Party Express], their hotel rooms, meals, venue rentals etc. are paid for by big money. Same for the Democrats-same for the Republicans. Big money doesn't just hold sway in America, it's the same here in Canada, both the Conservatives and Liberals are on the big money dole the slight exception being the NDP who primarily gets its big donations from big labour instead. Same's true, to slightly vaying degrees, in all the EU countries, in Japan, in India, in...you name it, if it's called a democracy big money has bought big influence there.

In China same thing, except in China or any totalitarian regime, big money doesn't have to bribe two or three political leaderships they only have to bribe one, much simplier eh. The rich have learned they don't need to have their puppets in democracies pass laws that might look unpopular with the population, they can have all the cake they want just by having them tweek the rules and regulations that determine how grandiose sounding laws are actually enforced. Big Money buys big influence everywhere.

The only solutions for my fellow Americans are 100% taxpayer funded campaigns and term limits. Unfortunately, as Upton Sinclair said “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” Today's election won't change anything no matter how it turns out, come tomorrow the rich will still rule the rest will still drool.

"The government has ceased to function, the corporations are the government." - Theodore Dreiser