Prop 19 Up in Smoke

Whadda bummer, Prop 19 lost yesterday in Kalifornia 53% to 47%, in my opinion the reason is more people voted against it, than for it. The coalition of kids, cops, liberarians and Cheech and Chong devotees wasn't strong enough to overcome the huge turnout against the measure in Northern Kalifornia, the region most turned on to pot growing, where many growers and the legions of people they employ in production and distribution feared it would negatively affect their livelihood.

On the same token things have now changed pychoactively everywhere in the state. The genie's out of the bottle and reefer madness has gone mainstream. Pot users will be coming out of the closet and onto the beaches and streets. With nearly half the people, including most of the cops, supporting the initiative clearly the state has gone to pot.

Its close loss could actually be better for us stoners than a narrow victory woulda been. Now big business will hafta stay outta the grow show business and government won't get to zig zagging their way into our wallets by adding their cut to our already expensive recreational pastime. The folks in the emerald triangle will still have to compete with the outlaws up in BC but at least its not Sprawl-Mart eh.

Kalifornia wasn't the only state to vote anti-stoner. In South Dakota they shotgunned an initiative and we're still waiting for the smoke to clear on Arizona's decision. Then there's Oklahoma who voted yesterday to ban all types of stonings statewide. The big losers in all those states were the principal bankrollers of each of these initiatives: the makers of Tostitos, Twinkies and Peanut Butter Cups, also know as the TTP. But not to worry, curl up on the couch, roll up a fatty and relax 'cause this bud's for you.

Oklahoma Bans Stonings - Oklahoma voters have approved a measure that would forbid judges from considering international law or Islamic law when deciding cases.