Ask Every Question, Question Every Answer

Skeptic, like creationist or socialist, is not a pejoritive term. Creationists call themselves creationists so it's merely the defination of a person who truely believes in creationism, same for socialists. Skeptics wear the term proudly. The word denier, on the other hand, is a denigrating term, it implies that there is an absolute truth and that the speaker-deliverer of the name denier knows and speaks that 'truth', whereas the person on the recieving end also knows it, but for self-serving reasons, refuses to acknowledge that he/she does.

When a person uses the term denier to describe the mindset of an adversary it's the user of  the term that's being closed minded, illogical and unscientific not the person being called the name. Skeptical? Hopefully we're all skeptical, hopefully we all 'ask every question and question every answer'.

In reality there are no 'absolute truths' about anything, certainly nothing scientific. There are probabilities, some are very high, some not so much, but 'absolute truth' only exists in religion. In science everything is open to new information coming along that can change things. Science, good science, logically valid science is about Thesis + Anithesis = Synthesis. As soon as any logical arguement has been challenged by a new concept, that is itself valid, then a new synthesis is formed. This new and improved arguement is then itself instantly open to the next new challenge, and if it's a valid arguement, another new synthesis becomes the accepted idea ad infinitum. eh.

This mental process is the defination of being a skeptic. We humans have used it to learn new ways to live in the world since we climbed out of the trees. If we hadn't we might still be up there. Skeptic or denier? Semantics matter, call me a skeptic and the doors of communication stay wide open, i'm proud to be a skeptic. Call me a denier and feel the wind of that door closing.

"The pencil is mightier than the pen"- Robert Pirsig

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