Need Help Shedding Civilization, Get A Dog

Dogs need space. Dogs need attantion. Dogs need a pack, even if its just 2. So do humans on all counts. If you want to learn to live a new life, a healthy, naturally rythmic life, get a dog and learn. If, like most of us, your psychiatric needs are sub-clinical most days and are perfectly well serviced by unconditional love given and recieved, being needed by and needing a kindred spirit, by companionship, by having someone to just listen, someone always glad to see you no matter what, get a dog.

If you already share your life with a dog type person you're lucky and you already know all of this. If not, why not? Place to small? Move. City life, two jobs, mortage, kids...all terrible excuses for living a your life without the free psychiatric services available 24/7 at your local animal shelter. If there's no space or time in your life for a dog, i'd like offer a bitta advice: change your life.

About 20,000 years ago man's best friend found our stinking half starved ancestors living in caves and took a few of them into their packs. The canines taught the humans to first hunt then live collectively. They taught their two legged partners how to thrive in consort with nature through cooperation. The dogs civilized the primates no doubt in my mind.

Civilization, like chinese handcuffs, holds on by the power of fear. If you let go, stop retreating in fear, even for a second, the spell is broken. The freedom to live, hope and work towards your dreams is only one smart choice away. So, do like your ancestors did, let a dog adopt you and learn what life's really worth.