Resistance To The Flow Creates Change

Resistance heats your baseboard heaters, lights your bulbs, cooks your turkey. Resistors created the electronic revolution, billions of them allow us to join together here on this page. Each resister, no matter how apparently small and independent, has an effect upon the entire system. In electricty each resistor, each act of resistance to the flow, creates a change in the current which effects every outcome downstream.

Resistance to the corporate monster consuming the planet is the sum of many independent tactics rooted in shared philosophies. Every act of political resistance creates a whirlpool of downstream effects. Each act awakens the actor. The vagabond homesteader, old RV owner, dog lover, long term near poverty tactic may not be yours but one thing it does is act onto others as you'd have them act unto you and that'd be the golden rule for all types of resistance.

Urban forms of resistance, like the black box tactic, that use its friends as camouflage during their protests results in ridicule that silences their philosophical comrades and weakens-not strengthens-the paradigm of resistance to the flow of business as usual. Better that the social networking generation just wear suits and ties like everybody else in the city, then they can showup at any place any time, do their act of rebellion, then blend back in with the city suit uniform. It'd be easy, they all look alike to me.

Resistance through non-cooperation [the central theme of The Mud Report lately] is a non-violent tactic designed to suit very few folks. There's as many viable tactics as there are tacticians. Whether you're in the country, a small town, the city, the burbs, the root ideas remain the same: live by cash-stay out of debt-never buy on credit-save your money-buy local-work hard-be patient...

"Politics is how you live your life, not who you vote for!" -Jerry Rubin