Despite the fact that one of BC's favorite sons, Justin Morneau, is out of the playoffs due to injury again this year lottsa BCers are still rooting for the Twinkies especially in the opening round where they face 'The Evil Empire'. For decades now the Twin City team have been the most successful small market team in the Major Leagues. They, as opposed to the damn Yankees, do it the right way. The Twinkies build their teams by developing their draft picks as they progress through the farm system.

Though they seldom are able to re-sign their stars once they've been in the league long enough to be free agents they always seem to have quality young players to replace them. The Yankees on the other hand do their business like the Wall St. bankers they resemble. The pinstripers buy and sell big name, often over the hill, stars and free agents like prized cattle. The Yankees are hated because they're rich arrogant spoiled multi-millionaires. For sure some folks root for 'em and buy their gear but i figure those same folks probably either root for the ruthless rich as a rule or suffer from brain damage or both.

#2, i'll be pulling for Tampa Bay. They too are a small market team that has built their prowess internally through wise draft choices and a well run farm system. Texas has Tommy Grieve an old childhood friend and competitor who it's difficult to root against but just like back in '65 when i struck him out with my knucle curve in high school, it always felt good the few times i beat Tommy at anything because he's a great guy with tons of talent and winning against such an adversary is a huge rush. GO RAYS.

Over in the N.L. they all look equally terrible to me. i'll be rooting for the SF Giants mostly because their star pitcher and tonight's starting pitcher Tim Lincecum is an outspoken pothead and San Francisco itself is one of the left coast's great cities whereas Atlanta...isn't. Last but not least i'll be backing Cinncinati because their star is Canadian Joey Votto, also a star on Team Canada each time the World Baseball Classic [baseball's best tourney] comes around. Plus the damned Phillies have been going around trying to imitate the Yankees by tryin to buy their way the winner's circle. When they bought Roy Hallady away from the Blue Jays it was the end of me rooting for them unless, of course, they make into the World Series against the Yankees.