A Fighting Chance

The global class war is "unfolding as it should", to quote Pierre Trudeau.

Todays' article Is there a Global War Between Financial Theocracy and Democracy? by Les Leopold is being re-run on every news website i go to. It's a heartbreaking historic overview of how the banks have taken over our world, overtaken its political institutions and furthered the cause of the rich in the global class war.

The Greek Government are holding a fire sale. Pretty much all public assets are on the block. It's the IMF's 'Structural Adjustment Program' 101. Cut spending on all health, education, welfare, infrastructure, every service but never raise taxes on the rich or their banks and corporations. Who's next? Spain, Ireland, Italy...What about you, the consumer. How's your 'Debt to Asset' ratio? If you're a typical N. American it's at least as bad as Greece's. The richos aren't just out to punish the Greeks for their cavalier attitude to taxes and water bills or their insistance on long paid vacations, they're after every benefit no matter how long fought and hard won they were by our ancestors.

As Les Leopold says, "We shouldn't kid ourselves about the pitched battles ahead. Fighting back won't be easy, and winning will be even harder. People in country after country will have to mobilize themselves in defense of each nation's right to provide its people with a decent quality of life. In my opinion, that includes sustainable jobs with decent benefits and a solid public infrastructure that promotes equity, protects the vulnerable and enriches the environment."
"Unfortunately, no one can guarantee that democracy will prevail in the war against financial theocracy -- just recall the totalitarian chaos in Europe during the Great Depression. But don't count it out, either. It's true that many of us regular folks have been diverted by the media, distracted by the Internet or lulled into a stupor by pharmaceuticals. But when we realize that we've been shoved into a corner with no way out, we'll act. A popular struggle will begin. And when it does, we'll at least have a fighting chance..."