The Vuvuzela, Weapon of Mass Delerium

After watching only part of each of the first two World Cup games yesterday it dawned on me that the vuvuzela could easily evolve into a poor people's weapon of mass delerium as easily as it has already caused near pschyosis in soccer-football fans around the globe. Imgine what could happen in Tibet if the South Africans donated all their surplus vuvuzelas, after the World Cup ends, to the markets in Lhasa. Just pass 'em out to the Tibetan kids, in a couple days the Chinese would start leaving on the train back to China, in a week or so it'd look like a mini flood, before long they'd all be gone and the Tibetans could hold a quick vote on independence and future immagration policies.

Imagine even more vuvuzelas being given away in the East Jerusalem markets. Just send out the kids near any of the damn Isreali settlements, let 'em start blowin and i bet those 'ol Zionists will start another exodus pretty damn quick. Mighta worked in Iraq too if it'd a been thought up in time. How about kids in Kabul and Kandahar, bet they could drive the Yankees and NATO nuts in no time.

So grab the remote and hit the mute button if you're planning on checking out the World Cup this coming month, it could be your only hope of retaining any amount of sanity come early July.

For Everyone's Sake, Ban The Vuvuzela