BP Is A Symptom, Not A Disease

All the major media and every arm of the US government are unanimous, BP is the villian and that's that. The blast feels like a gale force wind. As a rule, any undirectional propaganda blitz by our 'leaders' deserves two responses. First, like most disasters, 'duck and cover'. Second, 'ask every question, question every answer'.

It's easy to see why BP is wearing the scarlet letter, they did exactly what every other corporation does but they didn't get away with it. Every other oil company, is thanking their lucky stars it wasn't them. They all bribed congress, they all paid off the regulators, they all had the absolute minimum of safety technology demanded of them by the rules writtten by those compromised legislators and enforced by those indebted regulators.

They, all the energy giants not just the oily ones, all corporations in general, serve one master-shareholder profits. Same story for the banks and their massive fraud/bailout fiasco. The job of the management is to minimumize costs and maximize income. If safety costs are better minimized by bribing governments and regulators than actually doing the work required the managers are duty bound to bribe away.

The duty of all our governments is to serve it's 'real' citizens and protect their common wealth. Seems to me BP is doing, and has done, exactly what it's empowered by law to do. The government is doing and has done the opposite. The villian is the big lie necessary to justify the existing conditions which bless consumption over conservation, greed over need and profits over people. BP is a symptom, not a disease.