Yesterday was Che Guevara's birthday, sorta

Ernesto Che Guevara’s birth certificate records his birthday as June 14, 1928. His real birth date was May 14, 1928. The birth certificate was doctored because the family wanted to protect Che’s mother from scandal that would come about due to her being pregnant at the time of her marriage.

Agree with them or not, Che lived his short life by his ideals, he had many great ideas also, he's said to have been a brilliant military mind. Che left a life of comfort behind, he worked equally hard for the leper as the revolution. There's a great book and movie, The Motorcycle Dairies that capture's the portion of Che's life when he turns from his medical degree and wealthy family in Argentina toward a solution, toward Cuba and the revolution.

Che Guevara is one of my heroes, he knew the difference between ideas and ideals, ideas are subject to debate, ideals aren't. Viva Cuba!

A crop from this 1960’s photograph of Che by the photographer Alberto Korda has become one of the most famous image of our times. It has become a symbol for freedom and liberty.