The Demonic Oil Cabal

These last few days, after finishing Margolis' American Raj, have been spent researching deeper into the morass of oil imperialism. The 'facts' from the left or the right lead to the same conclusion and it's dark and brutal. We're consuming the future in a glutton fueled blaze. If only i knew how to change things. i try to live low but i know in the future my descendants will live much lower or not at all and it's damn depressing. So here we go with another rap cause words are all i have...

Iraq, Afghanistan, who's next? Looks like Colombia and Venezuela may well be the next Vietnam from the way the oil cabal is building up its imperial armies in the region. Oil is power, without oil the western world's lifestyle collapses overnight.

Just over 100 years ago tiny wildcat wells in N. America created the world's first modern superpower. The stuff oozed from the earth in Pennsylvania so pure people drank it as an elixar. Soon with a few hundred bucks to rent a small drilling rig hundreds of independent dreamers became millionaires as black gold gushed up outta the Texas desert. WW1 sealed to deal, tanks and airplanes overran entrenched armies and the age of oil was upon us.

The quick easy stuff, the low hanging fruit, was consumed first. As Hubbert's curve predicted continental US oil fields started running dry decades ago. By then the west had perfected the drilling technology well enough to exploit the geology anywhere beneath our mother earth and, in the short term, use the millions of years worth of sequestered carbon there to create fortunes and project power. But of course at the exponential rate we clever monkeys expanded our consumption it was soon obvious the world's the liquid gold would one day be gone.

The great game continues to this day. Certain that there's not enough oil to power all of humanity in the future the goal of securing the west's needs becomes paramount. Pentagon planners, with their century long schemes, quickly figured out that in order to be in control of the last oil they'd have to be in control of it all now. The plan was, and still is, to conserve the largest continental storehouse, the oil shale depoits of the N. American continental shield, as far into the future as the rest of the world's resources could be exploited and imported. The next stage of exploitation after liquid oil is bitumen, thick tar like oil suspended in sand, easier to extract than oil shale but not by much.

That's where we are on the supply curve now as is easily seen in Alberta where giant monsters devour the earth by the hour to power our wheeled culture in ever faster, tighter, circles. Where else does bitumen exist in huge enough quantities to keep the uncompromisable US lifestyle spinning? Venezula. The oil cabal is tightening its noose on Latin America everyday. Please use the links below to start your own research. If anyone can comeup with a different set of conclusions i'd love to hear them. In fact i'll offer a reward: one bags of magic beans. Good luck, if there is sucha thing.

U.S.-British Oil Imperialism - Oil imperialism rests on our continued dependence on oil, which not only threatens the future of humanity through prolonged and bloody conflict, but through another even more insidious threat--climate change and ecological collapse.
US builds up its bases in oil-rich South America - From the Caribbean to Brazil, political opposition to US plans for 'full-spectrum operations' is escalating rapidly.
"If you want to rule the world, you need to control oil. All the oil. Anywhere."
Monopoly, by Michel Collon