Viva Chavez!

Hugo Chavez continues to give hope to the downtrodden not just in Venezula, but around the globe. His domestic policies on land reform and nationalization of under utilized industry facilities gives power to the 90% of Venezula who are poor. Unlike Castro in Cuba or Mugabe in Zimbabwe his ability to offer compensation, derived from oil revenues, instead of outright expropriation has allowed his popularity to skyrocket within Venezula’s barrios while providing a moving target for the ultra rich european descendents who so despise him.

Chavez sets an example for other leaders that must be scaring the shit outta the yanquis and others of the neo-con ilk in every corner of the globe. Internationally his energy seems boundless. Chavez has used Venezula’s petro dollars to launch Telesur a pan-Latin American satellite TV Channel meant to counter CNN’s propaganda. Instituted the Petrocaribe agreement as a part of Petroamerica, which includes the Andean countries of Petroandina and the countries of Latin America’s southern cone. Plus ALBA, the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas, as an alternative to the FTAA, the U.S.-sponsored Free Trade Area of the Americas.

All this just in Latin America, he has also traveled the world these last few years setting up bi-national trade and security agreements with China, India, Russia, Brazil, and Iran. Yet the Obama administration continues the policies of his predessors in demonizing Venezula and Chavez in an attempt to frame their escalating imperial buildup in Latin America as the 'yanquis vs. the devil' instead of the oil imperialism game plan it actually is.

Hugo Chavez has refused to be a victim of the international corporate terrorists, he examplifies the spirit of infamous hero of the movie Tin Cup, portrayed by Kevin Costner in the 1996 movie who said, "When a defining moment comes along, either you define the moment or the moment defines you."