American Raj by Eric Margolis

This past week i finished reading American Raj by Eric Margolis. It is a great read about the history of the mistakes made by our western governments through the last few centuries. My wish is that everyone, especially our political leaders, would read it too.

Margolis is a prolific writer and columnist, his article today on biodiversity, 'Dwindling Food for Thought' is another example of his wide range of interest and his ability to communicate the depth of a difficult problem in an easily readable style.

One day American Raj will be acknowledged as the best work of our time on Middle Eastern history in relation to our Euro-centric imperial attempts to conquer first it in the name of 'our' god, then our race and now our energy gluttony. If we had planned to make a mess of this part of the world, we couldn't have done better job. We have weakened ourselves by our folly. Please read and learn from Margolis' American Raj as an antidote to the propaganda our subservient corporate press serves us day and night.