Worldwide celebration of Fanatic’s Day

Countless millions of religious morons are spending today chanting, dancing, praying and reveling on this the 62nd annual celebration of ‘Religious Fanatics Day’.

This worldwide holiday is widely seen as unifying all the descendent sects of the Abrahamic tradition with all the other of the wold's religions who teach that humans and humans alone have a special relationship with their god. Each, of course, sees itself as the one true religion, the one and only sect that hears the real god’s words.

One Abrahamic sect believes that heaven and 17 virgins await the suicide bomber [obvious a male fantasy]. One believes god gave them title to the land because they are ‘the chosen people’. A third, and perhaps most deluded of the Abrahamic descendants believe they will be swept up into heaven directly [without having to suffer the indignities of death] by thier god in ‘The Rapture’ any minute now.

For a pagan like me it’s an opportunity to understand just how far people will go to deny their own mortality. To see that the greatest danger to the future of all life on earth isn’t terrorism or drugs or even nuclear weapons, it’s the self-righteous religious bigots who care nothing for anything other than the delusion that their particular deity’s promise that they and only they, the true believers, will be ‘saved’.

It seems only fitting that these fanatics should also have a homeland of their own. A place where thier god can find them amid the teeming masses of non-believers easily. Of course, their mutual distrust of each other would make one geographic area difficult to control so i suggest we give them all the ‘red’ states. Then we surround the area with a security wall 3 times as high as Israel’s, take away all thier weapons and let them fight it out hand to hand to determine just which sect god really loves, eh.

Religious Fanatics, They are Everywhere