Soil the solution to climate change

There is a miracle going on under our feet every second of everyday. The microbes that are so abundant in living soil are digesting organic matter and pooping out perfect food for the flora. These microbes are made of carbon and their growth sequesters tons of carbon per acre.

The flora use the food to grow more diverse carbon structures sequestering carbon in the plants themselves and bulding interconnected comunities that provide cost free services like nitrogen fixation.

Agrobusiness, corporate farming, oil based fertilizers and their ilk do the opposite by killing the microbes and fungi that support real living soil and plants. Spring is coming on early here on BC's southwest coast, it feels like time to turn over beds, do a bit of prep even in no till gardens, smell the rich soil, harvest from and turn compost from the bin, check out the worms, the robins watching your progress. Living soil, round and round she goes.
Nitrogen for Free